2020 Ram HD Cummins Inline-Six Turbo-Diesel Release Date, Specs, & Interior

2020 Ram HD Cummins Inline-Six Turbo-Diesel Release Date, Specs, & Interior – With all three of the key athletes in the heavy-duty truck section providing diesel pickups who have created the 900-lb-ft torque plateau, it absolutely was only an issue of time until finally one of them eclipsed the secret 1000-lb-ft mark. The 2020 Ram Heavy Duty is the first to state the headline, thanks to a seriously reworked version of the venerable Cummins inline-six turbo-diesel. Striking the 1000-lb-ft dimension directly on the head in its high-output settings, it allows a Ram 3500 regular cab 4×2 long-box dually equipped with the Max Pull package to tug an outrageous 35,100 pounds or bring a 6570-pound payload. But there’s far more to the scenario than merely uncooked grunt.

2020 Ram HD
2020 Ram HD

Air Springs and High-Power Steel

The truck is basically new from the floor up, built on a new structure which enables considerable use of high-durability steel-98.5 %, based to Ram-for better energy and body weight cost savings, with six cross members and fully encased rear segments. A combine of Active-Tuned Volume Components related to individuals used on the 2020 Ram 1500 support lower shake. Suspension updates include new, more robust and lighter weight front and rear axles, plus accelerating springs and upgraded bushings. The 3500 one-ton has rear leaf springs, whilst the 2500 three-quarter-ton maintains the coil-spring setup. Rear air springs are available, with 2500 set up exchanging the conventional springs with a match of air springs. The 3500 nutritional supplements the leaf springs with air luggage, permitting the technical engineers to spec a softer-driving leaf spring when the truck is unladen. Three settings of operations control the air springs: Regular/Payload quickly registers the stress and adapts the springs properly, Trailers Mode permits the mattress to reduce about an inch to keep a level connection with the trailers, and Mattress Mode allows reducing of the mattress to easily simplify trailers hookup or alleviate packing.


Driving on top of that body is a recently restyled body that features a higher volume of high-durability steel, which, along with an aluminum hood and other excess weight-protecting steps, attributes to a stated 143-pound general bodyweight decrease. Technicians strived for a streamlined account and monitored to can come out of the blowing wind tunnel with a .41 drag coefficient, the cheapest at any time for a Ram HD. The bodywork is exclusive, way too, revealing no solar panels with the fairly recently renewed Ram 1500. Coupled with new engine brackets, hydraulic body brackets at the C-pillars, active noises cancellation, new exhaust parts, and the aforesaid shake dampeners, Ram affirms it provides minimized the background interior sound level by 10 decibels, an assert we shall be glad to affirm whenever we test one.

Substantial changes were actually also created to the electric powered system, such as two available dual alternator setups to be sure all the newest tech features, instrumentation, and extras function effectively and to make certain a lot of power and junction things for upfitters who reconfigure the Ram chassis for business and crisis-vehicle use.

2020 Ram HD Cummins Inline-Six Turbo-Diesel Interior

The interior proceeds the brand-wide uptick in quality and refinement started out by the fairly recently remodeled Ram 1500, highlighting a new musical instrument panel, high-end components, and a modified HVAC system that movements an increased volume of air when at the same time minimizing sound. Electric heating system aspects on diesel models speed up the delivery of warm air on a cool morning. The newly designed center unit offers ample storage space to place a 15.-inch laptop out of vision and provides three USB ports in front and two in back for a complete of five; three of them, such as one in back, contact the Uconnect infotainment system. A 5.0-inch screen is standard; an 8.4-inches is optionally available, as is a fully configurable 12.-inch screen with special graphics keyed to specific Ram models.


Looking further into the powertrain, the lineup starts off with an in a natural way aspirated Hemi 6.4-liter V-8. (The earlier base engine, the 5.7-liter Hemi, continues to be taken off the lineup.) Rated at 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque, the 6.4 delivers its output to the maker’s 8HP75 eight-speed automatic transmission created by ZF. Beefed up for HD duty with a lot more environment equipment for two of the gearsets, a strengthened torque converter, and a heavy-duty parking pawl, it utilizes 6th items as direct drive and 7th and eighth as overdrives. Remarkably, the Ram HD’s maximum payload physique of 7680 pounds is gained by a regular-cab long-box 3500 dually model equipped with the 6.4 gasoline Hemi V-8. It’s not too the diesel couldn’t take care of the fill, but the gasoline engine’s lighter in weight attributes significantly less to the gross vehicle body weight score.

Alterations to the Cummins 6.7-liter inline-six turbo-diesel are important. Ram boasts the new engine is 60 pounds lighter weight than its predecessor. New pistons, explained to be lighter in weight and more robust, make use of low rubbing jewelry and ride on new forged attaching rods in a new block made out of compacted graphite iron. The new cast-iron cylinder head is home to new rocker forearms, exhaust valves, and springs. Compression proportion for the standard output is 19.:1; the high-output version employs a reduced 16.2:1 proportion to help more boost. Talking of which, the increased variable-geometry turbo brackets to a new exhaust manifold and is capable of giving up to 33. psi of boost; the intercooler is increased to the point exactly where Ram phone calls it the biggest actually fitted to its diesel pickups. The newly designed fuel-delivery system features a new water pump operating at 29,000 psi. The standard-duty model is rated at 370 horsepower at 2800 rpm and 850 lb-ft at 1700 rpm; the high-output version timepieces in at 400 horsepower and 1000 lb-ft at 1800 rpm.

2020 Ram HD Specs
2020 Ram HD Specs

Moving responsibilities for the standard-output 6.7-liter diesel drop to an upgraded version of the six-speed automatic transmission used in the past. Change quality is stated to be enhanced by the use of variable-force solenoid controls for the torque-convertor clutch, and a new change accumulator increases change feel when proceeding from a recreation area to change. More hydraulic aspects had been tweaked to sleek the transfer from drive to park your car. Customers looking for the high-output diesel receive an Aisin six-speed automatic transmission with a larger thrust having and more heating managing for particular factors. Deciding on four-wheel drive gives a trio of shift-case options. The 6.4-liter Hemi gasoline V-8 and standard-output 6.7-liter diesel powertrains employ a BorgWarner shift case with possibly a manual (BW-44-47) or electric (BW 44-46) change. The low-range rate is a 2.64:1 decrease. Utilizing the mountain of torque from the high-output Cummins needs the skills of the new and significant BorgWarner part-time shift case (BW 44-48) that is created to hold up against the 3500’s pull status of 35,100 pounds when equipped with the Max Pull package (trailers-brake control, cargo-view camera, fifth-wheel problem, 12-inch rear axle with a 4.10:1 percentage products set, larger bearings, dual rear wheels, and a number of further goods).


Ram states the braking system is improved with a new brake enhancer and expert cylinder. We’ll have to acquire Ram’s expression for it for now, but we could explain to the front rotors evaluate 14.7 inches and the rears 14.1 inches and the two are pinched two-piston calipers. Both way, Ram factors that braking on the diesel models is helped by an internal exhaust brake. As normal, Ram will offer you its HD pickup in Power Wagon type. Based on the 2500 4×4 Crew Cab, it provides a distinct suspension with factory lift, securing the front and rear differentials with 4.10:1 equipment, a disconnecting anti-roll bar, and a Notify winch with a kink-proof man-made cable that is in at 28 pounds under a related steel cable. It’s also nevertheless probable to purchase the Power Wagon information on the base Tradesman model although maintaining the Tradesman design aspects.

2020 Ram HD Interior
2020 Ram HD Interior

Six trim degrees complete out the 2020 HD lineup: Tradesman, Big Horn (rebranded as Lone Star in Texas), Power Wagon, Laramie, Laramie Longhorn, and Limited. In add-on to the normal smorgasbord of tech, luxury, and utility options available a la carte, customers can make from quite a few body styles which includes a regular cab with a 169.1-inch wheelbase and an 8.0-foot box, a crew cab available in sometimes a 149.1-inch wheelbase with a 6.4-foot box or a 169.1 wheelbase having an 8.0-foot box, and Mega Cab models with a 160.2-inch wheelbase with a 6.4-foot box. There are 12 exterior colors presented, which includes three new ones: Billet Silver, Patriot Blue, and Diamond Black. Six new eight-lug wheel patterns which range from 17 to 20 inches are also on the faucet. The heavy-duty truck section day-to-day lives and passes away by the amounts, and when you’re chatting gallons of diesel its torque that receives the head lines. Irrespective of that a lot of informal proprietors will in no way compare to exploiting the maximum capacity of the 1000-lb-ft beast, this is Ram’s time in the focus. Without doubt, Ford and Chevrolet are presently plotting methods to knock it off its perch.